What is Safeguarding?  

Safeguarding is the active process of keeping people safe from harm, namely abuse and/or neglect. As a church community, we have a responsibility to each other to promote safety and wellbeing, both within our organised events and ministries, and within our connected families. 

 If you are at all concerned about the safety or wellbeing of anyone associated with Encounter Church, please inform a member of the Safeguarding Team. More information about what to expect from the team can be found in the Safeguarding Policy and in the flowchart below.  

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns (Children) 

Responding to Safeguarding Concerns (Adults) 

Safeguarding Team  

Designated Safeguarding Lead  

Abisayo Adekeye ( 

Deputy Safeguarding Officer  

Emily Williams (  

Email general enquiries and concerns to  

Encounter Church – Elim Church Safeguarding Policy 2020

Enhanced DBS Checks 

  • There is a requirement for volunteers who will be left alone with children and potentially vulnerable adults to undergo specific Enhanced DBS checks. This includes but is not limited to Pastoral Leads, and those serving on Encounter Kids, Encounter Youth, and Sparklers.  


Elim Safeguarding 

  • Encounter Church is an Elim Pentecostal Church and our safeguarding policy is based on a template shared by the whole organisation.
  • “The Elim Pentecostal Church is committed to safeguarding children and adults in need of protection. The Elim National Leadership Team acknowledges that safeguarding the vulnerable in our churches, activities and within the communities in which we work, both here and overseas is of paramount importance and reflects the nature of Jesus Christ.
  • Elim requires each of its churches to adopt a safeguarding policy, carry out training, and have good working procedures in place.”
  • The Encounter Church Safeguarding team report to Sarah Bale at Elim HQ, and receive services and training from Thirty-one: Eight (formerly known as CCPAS).
  • Encounter Church – Encounter Church – Elim Church Safeguarding Policy 2020