Water Baptism


At Encounter Church, we love doing baptisms! We believe that baptism is an important element of Christian life, in which all Christians should take part. We do not conduct infant baptisms, because we prefer to baptise by full immersion, after someone has made a decision to follow Jesus. We encourage all believers to be baptised because:

  • It symbolises our incorporation into relationship with Christ.
  • It confirms our justification (that God now sees us as innocent because of Jesus), though it doesn’t affect it.
  • It symbolises that our old life has ended and we have a new life in Christ.
  • It is a symbol of our sins being washed away, making us clean.
  • It occurs on the basis of a verbal confession of faith.
  • It is a command of Jesus.

If someone wants to be baptised, we ask them to attend our Baptismal Class, which usually runs on an evening during the week prior to the Baptismal Service. The class lasts about an hour and a half, and covers all the practicalities of baptism: why we do baptism, what to wear, how we do baptism and how to share your testimony.

Baptismal Services run as often as there are candidates.

If you would like to be baptised, please contact the pastors by emailing office@encounterchurch.uk.