Encounter Kids

We are passionate about our children discovering Jesus for themselves and encounter Him in a deep and real way that is accessible to them.


Due to the current climate, our usual program has been adapted to support our children and families better. 


We will be posting regularly on our Facebook Group with competitions, updates, and resources to support you as parents and carers at this time. Please interact with us here by sharing pictures and posting what your children have been doing.


If you are not on Facebook but would like to stay updated, please email Jennie on jwoode@encounterchurch.uk and she will ensure you receive all the activities. 


Tier 2/Tier 1:


We will be meeting in the Church building but in order to maintain social distancing and comply with Government guidelines, there will be a separate Encounter Kids Zone in the Harry Manning Room. The sessions will run alongside the main adult meetings, from 10:30 – 11:30 and the children will need to be dropped off and picked up at the side entrance gate where they will be met by a leader. All details will be emailed to parents. If you have not received these, please update your Church suite details or email Jennie at jwoode@encounterchurch.uk.


Pioneers Plus


Pioneers Plus is an online Zoom group for our Year 5 and 6 children, running every Friday evening 6.30 – 7.30 pm. The aim of this group is to build relationships between our older children, as well as look at relevant issues to them from a Biblical perspective. This time allows us to look deeper into subjects that we cannot always cover on a Sunday morning and will help to support the children as they get ready for their transition to Encounter Youth in Year 7. If your child is within this age group please contact Jennie for more details.




Encounter Kids meet every Sunday during the preaching slot. We believe it is so important to worship together as a whole family which means that the children join the main church for the first part of the service.

To ensure we make the most of our time together, please check in at our check-in point at the welcome desk when you first enter the church. If you are a visitor, you can fill in one of the visitor forms here and find out more information about our Sunday groups.

When we leave the main service, we meet together as one group in the Harry Manning room (the first room on the right outside the main hall). We have two rhythms on a Sunday. The first is Blaze which happens on the first Sunday of the month and the second is our groups which happen on all the other Sundays. 

On the other Sundays in the month, we spend only 10 minutes together as an Encounter Kids family time before splitting into three groups

  • Explorers (from the term after they turn 3 and Reception)
  • Trailblazers (Years 1 – 3)
  • Pioneers (Years 4 – 6)

Each session will look at a particular topic that is catered specially for that age group with appropriate activities. This term all the age groups are looking at Christian Commitments which look at biblical elements to our Christian walk and how we can put them into action. These include communion, service and evangelism. 

Please remember to collect your child from their room once the service has finished. Pioneers parents – there is an option for your child to not be collected from their session. Please complete a consent form at the check in desk if you would like to use this option.

Blaze happens on the first Sunday of every month. This is when the children meet as one group for the entire church service in the Harry Manning room. The aim is to give more opportunities to encounter God. We will be focusing on prayer and worship, giving the children space to worship Him and learn how to hear from God.

Please use the outside Harry Manning doors to drop off your children. To access this, you will need to enter through the car park on Hubert road, There will be a sign to guide you. Doors open at 10.20 for you to check your children  into the room. Please collect your children at the end of the service as normal from the door.


Creche on a Sunday

There is a creche room located at the back of the main hall, near the welcome desk for you to use your child is 3 years old or younger. Please feel free to use these facilities throughout the service and engage with the service through the live feed that is provided.

There is a wide variety of toys available that are regularly checked and cleaned as well as comfy chairs and a chair to support feeding. There is also a changing table as well as the changing areas that are located in the ladies, men’s and disabled toilets.



Catalyst is our term time Friday night kids club for years 1 to 6. Doors open at 5pm and the session finishes promptly at 6.30pm. The entry fee is £1 and there is a tuck shop. Join us as we dance, play, create and have way too much fun. Catalyst is safe yet exciting place where children can let off a bit off steam after their busy weeks at school, while learning to achieve their full potential.

Why Catalyst? A Catalyst is someone who changes the environment they are in. We believe that our children, with the Holy Spirit can  be that change that this world so desperately needs. Our aim is to show our children how amazing they are and enable them to be everything that they are called to be by having fun and being real with them.


Will My Child Be Looked After?

Absolutely! Our Encounter Kids team are dedicated people who love kids. They are all trained in line with our safeguarding policy and have up to date checks with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). If your child is anxious about joining in, the team will provide support and encouragement. Members of our team have experience supporting children with learning difficulties as well, so they will make every effort to care for your child. If any child becomes distressed during Encounter Kids and wants to leave, a member of the team will bring them back to their parents.

Where Can I Find Out More?

You can contact our Director of Children’s Ministry, Jennie Woode jwoode@encounterchurch.uk to ask any questions before your visit.